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Master Bathroom Decor Ideas in 2019

OLD-WORLD WAINSCOTING Back at the 18th-century when this Massachusetts farmhouse was built, there was no such thing as a master tub. So architect Michael T. Gray and interior designer Hattie Holland carved one out of a hallway and extra wainscoting and...

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Best Bathroom Design Idea

STRIATED Make up for a nonexistent linen closet with tactical storage. A medicine cabinet in a New York apartment measures 2 feet deep to match towels. The shelves inside are staggered around the pipes, and a customized vanity hides bins for laundry and...

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Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

MID-CENTURY CHANDELIER As a result of some brother architects, this flat on Paris's Right Bank has a dark and moody aesthetic that upgrades classic French design for the 21st century. The master bathroom retains a 1950s American dining table a 1960s chandelier,...

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling

DRIPPING CHANDELIER Monique Lhuillier's bathroom in Bel Air showcases a custom-made light fixture by Foundry, white-oak cabinetry, and a picture by George Hoyningen-Huene, Vinyl Flooring. SIMPLE SCONCES Simple lighting offers striking contrast to this...

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas Small Space

After: Love It or List It In the redesign, a new design makes more sense and gives the bathroom a more pulled-together appearance. New tiles provide a contemporary feel to the space. Ahead: Love It or List It A peculiar design and obsolete fixtures make...

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Bathroom Under Sink Storage Ideas

Materials Your Worries at a Corner Picture a shelf made by turning baskets on their sides and mounting them to the wall. Pick like baskets for a appearance or use baskets in varying shapes and sizes for a more whimsical approach. Just Hanging Out A hanger...

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